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When required footings cover more than half the area beneath a structure, it is often desirable to enlarge and combine the footings to cover the entire area. This type of foundation is called a raft or mat foundation and may be cheaper than individual footings because of reduced forming costs and simpler excavation procedures. C. Mat Foundation Raft Foundation It is a combined footing that may cover the entire area under a structure supporting several columns and walls. Mat foundations are sometimes preferred for soils that have low load-bearing capacities, but that will have to support high column or wall loads.

Mat foundation is specified to bridge over pockets of weak spots in moderately weak soil. 4. In situations, where individual footings may touch or overlap each other, and it is advisable to excavate the full site instead of the ground under individual footings. Mat footings / Raft Footing Raft Foundation Design. Under normal conditions, square and rectangular footings such as those described in are economical for supporting walls and columns. But, under certain conditions, it can be desired to construct a footing that supports a line of two or more columns. Figure 10-2 Mat versus possible use of spread footings to save labor, forming costs, and negative reinforcing steel. 10-2 TYPES OF MAT FOUNDATIONS Figure 10-1 illustrates several possible mat-foundation configurations. Probably the most common mat design consists of a flat concrete slab 0.75 to 2 m thick and with continuous. Mat foundation is one of the most dependable solution to uneven and difficult land areas. Sometimes the soil has a low bearing capacity while other times, making individual footing is not feasible. A mat foundation is the solution to these problems.

When a spread footing is compared to a mat foundation, there is a fundamental difference in that the stiffness of the mat foundation is included in the analysis. The mat deforms as a result of bearing pressure, and bearing pressure is redistributed according to the mat deformation. Therefore, a non-uniform bearing pressure distribution can result. spread footing: It is circular, square or rectangular slab of uniform thickness. Sometimes, it is stepped to spread the load over a larger area. When footing is provided to support an individual column, it is called “isolated footing”. Mat or raft. According to ACI committee 336 mat foundation is-Continuous footing that supports several rows of columns in either direction, covering at least 3/4th of total assembly area of columns outer parameter, having shape like slab with/without opening or depression. When number of column in more than one row, provided with a combined footing, the footing is called mat or raft foundation. How to decide which footing is to be adopted Isolated footing or Raft footing:-If the bearing capacity of the soil is very good and the super structural load is very small. The use of isolated foundation is recommended. Mat foundation is otherwise called as Raft Foundation and its working principle is similar to shallow foundation. Mat foundation is preferred for large space where separate footings are not possible to construct due to overlapping condition. Generally, Mat foundation’s footing will extend over a.

Foundation Design Examples Bearing Pressure in Shallow Foundations Example 2 - Calculating the bearing pressure on a continuous footing subjected to a. The mat foundation shown in the figure below has a width of 50 m, length of 75 m, and thickness of 1.5 m. Raft Footing and Mat Foundation: 2 Ways to Say the Same Thing. Posted on November 8, 2017, Edited November 6, 2017 by bartonsteel. The terms “raft footing” and “mat foundation” describe the same type of building foundation. The raft foundation is a very commonly used type of foundation system. Raft foundation is also known as Mat foundation. Definition of raft foundation along with working principle, when to choose raft, types of raft foundation, materials of raft foundation, raft construction steps etc are discussed below.

TYPES OF FOUNDATIONS Foundation Systems Shallow Foundation Deep Foundation Pile Foundation Pier Caisson Foundation Isolated spread footings Wall footings Combined footings Cantilever or strap footings Raft or Mat foundation. Lecture Note COSC 421 M.E. Haque 2 Shallow Foundations – are usually located no more than 6 ft below the lowest. A reinforced concrete mat foundation is a common type of foundation system used in many buildings. They are a specific type of shallow foundation that uses bearing capacity of the soil at or near the building base to transmit the loads to the soil.

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