How To Data Recovery From A Damaged Hard Drive

Hard drives are one of the fundamental pieces of our computers. Not only are all the files necessary for the machine to work stored in them, but we also use them as a space in which to store our most precious files.

Whether they are work documents , photographs, videos or other files, it is quite likely that they have some kind of value, so it is desirable to always have Data Recovery several backup copies (physical and in the cloud) so as not to regret that a misfortune can leave us without them.

But, what do we do if a hard drive from which we want to recover certain data has been damaged? How can we find out what’s wrong with him? Can we recover the Data Recovery that we had stored in it? Most of these questions have solutions, so let’s take a closer look.

If you are having problems accessing certain files, if you notice that the computer does not work as it should or that it hangs more than necessary, you may be facing a problem with your hard drive . At this point, it is necessary to know that the disks can be damaged for two reasons: due to physical damage or due to so-called logical damage , those in which the operating system is not capable of processing the stored information because it has been corrupted or damaged.

Physical damage can be related to different situations, from a fall to an electrical surge. So the first thing to know what we are facing is to open the tower of our computer to have the hard drive at hand. If we turn on the computer and see that it does not emit any noise or, worse, that the sounds that come out of it are not the usual ones.

It is likely that the damage is physical. It is worth checking that the error could be due to a problem with the power supply . In this case, our best option is to connect the Wikipedia drive to another computer to see if it works normally . If it doesn’t, we’ll know it ‘s damaged .

Other situations can also occur, such as damaged heads or the disk has overheated. In the case of physical damage, once we have confirmed it, the most recommended option to repair it and recover the data is to send it to a technical service where they should give you a solution to both needs.

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