How To Data Recovery Your Data On Your Mac

We are regularly asked if the Mac Data Recovery will be recoverable, even if it ultimately turns out to be unrepairable. We have good news for you: it is very often the case! Even, in many cases, you can take care of recovering this Data Recovery on your own, simply by dismantling the Mac and recovering the hard drive, before sending it for repair.

The idea is as follows: you press a combination of keys when starting up your Mac book Pro or MacBook Air, and it turns into a large external Data Recovery hard drive. You can connect it to another Mac via Firewire, USB or Thunderbolt depending on the model. The internal disk of the Mac is then displayed on this other machine as if it were an external hard disk.

It’s really the best solution in case of emergency, if your screen no longer displays anything, if it is broken and unusable, or if your keyboard is broken… Yes, yes! If your keyboard is broken, you can connect an external keyboard and do this manipulation. It works !

Works with all Macs. Please note, USB-C Macs require a USB-C to USB3 cable which manages the data or a USB-C Thunderbolt cable, which manages the transfer of Wikipedia data in Thunderbolt. The cable that came with your Mac’s charger doesn’t work. It is not Thunderbolt certified. Most USB-C to USB charging cables won’t work either…

The hard drive is in 2.5′ SATA format. It is a standard hard drive format for laptops, Macs and PCs. Just open the cover by unscrewing the few Phillips screws, disconnect the battery and remove the few screws that secure the hard drive. It’s quite accessible and i Fix it has made super detailed tutorials for each model. An external USB box for these discs is available from any computer retailer for 10 to 30€.

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