You Need The Best Expert For Your Data Recovery

Disks are dropped, tapes die, coffee spills, pipes burst, power strikes, viruses attack, lightning strikes! Data is lost but Data recovery often requires expert skills to run diagnostics; implement repair tools for data formats; help program around the broken data structure and recover the data set. Data Recovery Service also Using ultra-precision laboratory equipment to extract data from individual disk surfaces, data can be recovered quickly, securely, confidently and cost-effectively. In addition, data can be written to any medium and format you choose: CD ROM, tape, hard disk, or even directly to your system via modem or ISDN.

Stage one of the process is provided as a fixed cost to enable specialists to advise on whether data is recoverable or provide an alternate solution. Stage 2 is the actual extraction of recoverable data if report, costs and also timescales are acceptable to the client. Quote Ref: SGI/200 Data Conversion Option Whether you are migrating to NT or downsizing from a mainframe to open IRIX systems, we can quickly and efficiently convert your existing archives to the format you need but System Security Audit This initial one-day audit reviews the procedures and practices of a customers data security systems and provides recommendations in mini missing the risk of data loss.

This service is particularly relevant to insurance-related assessment. Report provided within five working days. Quote Ref: SGI/201 SGI™ Managed Services Data Recovery Service In a continuing drive to provide customers with outstanding service, SGI have partnered with VOGON International to launch the Managed Service called also SGI Data Recovery. Vagan, founded in 1985, is the world leader in tape data recovery but The company was expanded in 1997 with acquisition of Authen Tec International :

  • Program Features
  • Disk Recovery
  • Tape Recovery
  • Data Conversion
  • System Security Program Benefits
  • Covers all types of computer
  • Covers all major Operating Systems
  • Caters for all software formats
  • Fast, effective investigative techniques
  • Recovers data
  • Comprehensive conversion services
  • Specialist training and technical support Stage One Standard 3 business day response with work
Data Recovery

Where transporting media is regarded as too much of a risk, or where the client required a hardware specialist to attend premises and dismantle hardware for transport. Cost: On application. Stage Two At the end of stage one the client will receive a detailed and also comprehensive report outlining the extent to which a recovery can be achieved, as well as the costs and times for completing the process. Once this quote has been accepted, work will begin on the actual extraction of the recoverable data. The customer will receive regular updates throughout the process.

Once completed the recovered Youtube data will be copied onto a media specified by the client. Customized Option For specific requirements speak to the Customer Service sales team for a tailored solution which will add value to your business. Complete UPS solution and support :

  • IRIX Network Implementation. Complete installation, configuration, and also testing of your network software
  • Internet Implementation. For Internet service providers that would benefit from Web server implementation services
  • Data Storage Implementation. A comprehensive service featuring disk/tape management and filesystem configuration
  • IRIS Fail Safe™ Implementation. Configuration and tuning of your IRIS Fail Safe product for dual server or multi-server environments
  • SGI™ Media Base Implementation. Installation and configuration of your SGI Media Base product for accelerated productivity
  • E-commerce Implementation also Complete installation, configuration, and testing of your e-commerce software including server security
  • IRIX Upgrade Services. Complete installation of your IRIX operating system, including SGI bundled software, options, and also applications
  • System Moves

Complete system moves, including decommissioning, and recommissioning and physical moving of equipment.

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